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  • Takis Fuego

    Takis Fuego

    An awesome tortilla chip witha bit of spicy chili pepper taste anda hint of refreshing lime...

  • Lolliland Choc Rocks 1kg

    Lolliland Choc Rocks 1kg

    Awesomely coloured choc rocks thatlook so real that you will have people thinking they are actu..

  • Chips Ahoy! Cereal

    Chips Ahoy! Cereal

    Yummy Choc Chip Cereal...

  • Oreo O's

    Oreo O's

     Everybody's favourite cookie as a cereal.  Yummo!..

  • Guava Manga Chile Nerds

    Guava Manga Chile Nerds

     NERDS provide a delicious assortment of mango chile and guava flavour..

  • LIme Pineapple Nerds

    LIme Pineapple Nerds

     These nerds provide a delicious assortment of pineapple and lime flavours...

  • Lolliland Peach Clouds 1kg

    Lolliland Peach Clouds 1kg

    Beautiful Pink coloured Clouds with a lovely peachy flavour...

  • Lolliland Sour Gummi Bears 1kg

    Lolliland Sour Gummi Bears 1kg

    A sickly sour Gummi Bear that even the sweetest sweet tooth will squint their eyes at...

  • Allen's Milkos 800 g

    Allen's Milkos 800 g

    Every bodies favourite lolly ina handy bigger size pack.64pc..

  • Allen's Redskins 800g

    Allen's Redskins 800g

    Allen's good old fashioned Redskin Lolliesin a bigger share bag.64 pc..

  • Faygo Black Cherry 12 x 355ml

    Faygo Black Cherry 12 x 355ml

    *CLEARANCE-DATED JULY 2018*That delicious taste of Black Cherrythat makes you want more...

  • Faygo Red Pop 12 x 355ml

    Faygo Red Pop 12 x 355ml

    *CLEARANCE-DATED JULY 2018*Awesome flavour of Berries thatjust scream the red colour with a POP..

  • Faygo Moon Mist 12 x 355ml

    Faygo Moon Mist 12 x 355ml

    *CLEARANCE-DATED JULY 2018*Faygo Moon Mist is a citrusy blend that can easily quench your thirs..

  • Faygo Rock & Rye 12 x 355ml

    Faygo Rock & Rye 12 x 355ml

    *CLEARANCE-DATED JULY 2018*A delicious creamy vanilla cream soda with just an extra kick of som..

  • Lucky Charms 326g

    Lucky Charms 326g

    America's number 1 cereal.A yummy frosted toasted oat cerealwith marshmallows.Now with Unicorn marsh..


Sweetworld Fairy Floss 15g Strawberry Flavour

Sweetworld Fairy Floss 15g Strawberry Flavour

Sweetworld's Strawberry flavoured Fairy Floss in a 15g Packet. Made in Indonesia ..

$0.70 Ex Tax: $0.64

Allseps Aussie Glucose Mixed Lollies 1kg

Allseps Aussie Glucose Mixed Lollies 1kg

All your favourite Allseps Lollies in one awesome bag. ..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

Allseps Aussie Glucose Witchy Grubs 1kg

Allseps Aussie Glucose Witchy Grubs 1kg

Aussie Glucose 1kg Witchy Flavoured Gummies ..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

Lolliland Green Gummi  Clouds 1kg

Lolliland Green Gummi Clouds 1kg

Lolliland Clouds available in several fantastic Flavours/Colours; Watermelon(Green), Banana(Yellow)..

$9.40 Ex Tax: $8.55

Allseps Snakes 1kg

Allseps Snakes 1kg

Allseps 1kg Snakes Flavoured Gummies ..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

PopTarts Frosted S'mores 104g

PopTarts Frosted S'mores 104g

Microwave Friendly. On Special! Limited Time Only!!..

$1.50 Ex Tax: $1.36

Takis Fuego

Takis Fuego

An awesome tortilla chip witha bit of spicy chili pepper taste anda hint of refreshing lime...

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Sweetworld 40 Rockets 200g

Sweetworld 40 Rockets 200g

Sweetworlds Compressed Candy Rockets in a 200g Bag. Approximately 40 Rockets Per Bag ..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.27


Brisbane’s One Stop Lolly Shop and Confectionery Wholesaler

The sweetest things in life aren’t free, but when you buy in bulk, lollies can be a real steal! Come by our lolly warehouse and gaze upon Brisbane’s greatest bulk lolly supplies store, Worldwide Lollies. With an incredible range of products sourced from everywhere good sweets are made, other bulk confectionery wholesalers can only hope to challenge our list of suppliers. We keep our prices low, passing the benefits of our purchases on to our excited customers. No matter what sort of sweets you have a craving for, our wholesale lolly suppliers have it in stock, at a price that will have you licking your lips in anticipation.

Candy from every lolly shop on Earth – it’s in our name!

The taste of a particular treat or special confection can evoke sweet memories from times gone by. Are you an expatriate searching for the familiar taste of home? Trying to track down that favourite dessert from your childhood lolly shop that they just don’t sell anymore? What about the foreign chocolate bar you bought when you were on holiday, the one so tasty you swore you would buy a box?

You can buy them all in one place

As Brisbane’s premiere lolly warehouse, our suppliers ship us the most rare and delectable brands favoured all over the globe. Visit our website’s online catalogue, and you can sort our massive stock by country of origin to help you find what you want faster. Our powerful search function also lets you narrow down the selection in other ways, such as taste, colour, style or occasion. We have dedicated sections catering for common religious and dietary requirements, because we want every customer to come away from our store with a good taste in their mouth.

Have our huge selection of bulk lolly supplies right at your fingertips

Our lolly warehouse is just bursting at the seams with chocolates, jubes, drinks, chips, chews, candies, syrups, suckers, lollipops, sherbet, and more! We know that kind of choice can be bewildering when you’re trying to pick out the right spread for your event, so we have pre-loaded our site with a selection of themes that can guide you down the virtual aisles of our Brisbane lolly shop. Give your next party a distinctive look – and taste – with these confectionery spreads, delicious highlights compiled from our very best bulk lolly supplies. Your guests won’t soon forget the taste sensation you’re laying down. And when they ask where they can get some of their own, you can send them to us to pick it up; the best lolly warehouse in Brisbane.

Call or visit our candy warehouse today!

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Brisbane area, you can sample our amazing product range by just visiting our lolly warehouse yourself. However, for those outside the city, or who simply prefer to shop online, our digital storefront is always open. We ship orders to every major city in Australia. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Adelaide, Perth or Sydney, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, we are everybody’s local lolly shop. Call us with your enquiries on 07 3172 2875, or leave us a message on the website.