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Candy from every lolly shop on Earth  – it’s in our name!

The taste of a particular treat or special confection can evoke sweet memories from times gone by.

  • Are you an expatriate searching for the familiar taste of home?
  • What about the foreign chocolate bar you bought when you were on holiday, the one so tasty you swore you would buy a box?

You can buy them all in one place, at Brisbane’s premiere lolly shop..

Have our huge selection of bulk lolly supplies right at your fingertips

Our lolly shop is just bursting at the seams with chocolates, jubes, drinks, chips, chews, candies, syrups, suckers, lollipops, sherbet, and more! We know that kind of choice can be bewildering when you’re trying to pick out the right spread for your event, so we have pre-loaded our site with a selection of themes that can guide you down the virtual aisles of our Brisbane lolly shop.

Give your next party a distinctive look – and taste – with these confectionery spreads, delicious highlights compiled from our very best bulk lolly supplies. Your guests won’t soon forget the taste sensation you’re laying down. And when they ask where they can get some of their own, you can send them to us to pick it up; the best lolly store in Brisbane.